My E-ZPass Account sign up application (new account only)

Important! Please read before continuing!

Internet orders are limited to 2 axle vehicles only.

To order an E-ZPass transponder or open an E-ZPass account, please have the following information available before continuing:

  • Name (only names listed in an account will be granted access to the account)
      * If you would like to authorize an additional person to have access to this account such as a spouse or other family member, enter both names.
      * example "John & Jane"
  • Shipping Address, Phone numbers (required) and Email address (required)
  • License plate numbers, Year-Make-Model of your vehicle
  • Payment method (Master Card/Visa, Checking (EFT) account with routing and account number)
  • $7.00 will be added to each order for shipping and handling regardless of the number of E-ZPasss you order(retail purchases excluded)
  • Once you complete the order, please note or print your E-ZPass account number on the confirmation page. For your security we do not email the account number with your PIN.

  • Please read the required E-ZPass personal terms and conditions located in the E-ZPass Customer Reference Guide.
  • I authorize ITR Concession Company LLC to debit my credit card and/or checking account (EFT/ACH) on a reoccurring basis to pay my E-ZPass account tolls and fees as detailed in the E-ZPass Personal Terms and Conditions.
  • Section 10. - "Schedule of Deposits/ Administrative Fees"

Click here to acknowledge you have read and agree with all of the above

Listed below are some of the more important points outlined in the terms and conditions

  • You agree to properly install E-ZPass® tags according to the instructions provided in the E-ZPass Customer Reference Guide or suggested by E-ZPass® Customer Care Representative.
  • You agree to pay any incorrect E-ZPass toll charges incurred to your E-ZPass® account due to improper installation or usage.
  • You agree to pay the full cash toll rate in the event an E-ZPass® transaction is unsuccessful due to improper installation or usage.
  • You agree to promptly notify ITRCC of changes in your e-mail address or mailing address; telephone number(s); vehicle make, model and year; plate type and number; financial institution; routing number and account number; credit card number and/or expiration dates; and/or any other information required to keep your E-ZPass® Account in good standing. Failure to keep your E-ZPass® account information updated will result in additional account charges as stated in Section 10. - "Schedule of Deposits/Administrative Fees"

To create a commercial, postpaid account, please click here to view Commercial Terms and Conditions. After review of Commercial Terms, please contact (574) 675-4010 to speak to a Customer Service Representative. Internet orders are limited to 2 axle vehicles only.